Friday, July 31, 2015

Chicago surprise ending

I just got back from a work trip to Chicago where of course I had to do a little candy research for dinner this blog.  I planned a stop at the Candyality store at the Shops at North Bridge ( to find my candy personality (candyality...get it?) which is a fun concept the store says will uncover your personality based on the kind of candy you like.  They say that you're competitive if you prefer sugary candy, a good listener if you like fluffy candy, a negotiator if you prefer crunchy, creative if you like colorful, etc.  While the concept was certainly unique, I found the store to be a little small and not entirely indicative of my candyality.  It was fun to hear the sales girl tell me I was competitive (yes!), loving (no!), and something else I can't remember.  My main takeaway though was that I have multiple candy-personality disorder.  After my research, I headed to...
...the Whole Foods near my hotel to pick up something quick and healthy for dinner (lame I know but I was exhausted, it was late, and my recent research had me craving some carrots and hummus for dinner).  You can imagine my surprise (and delight) when I rounded the corner to make a salad and ran smack into THIS:
YES Whole Foods on E. Grand Ave, YES.  So first, I have never seen a bulk candy display at Whole Foods before (and I weirdly manage to visit a WF in almost every city I pop into) and second, they had a huge selection of Marich bulk candy which is quality stuff.  Marich makes really fresh tasting candy in hard-to-find combinations like matcha green tea caramels, maple brown sugar caramels, vanilla honey caramels, coconut curry cashews, dark chocolate ginger pieces, and my FAVORITE item of theirs: triple chocolate toffee.  So naturally upon seeing this amazing display, the salad went out the proverbial bowl in the name of conducting more research in a very unexpected location.  I swear it's like I have a homing device for bulk candy.  All in all it was a surprise ending to my night but also a sweet one (hehe).  Don't fret if your local WF doesn't carry Marich like the one in Chicago, mine doesn't either (although the animals in New York would probably decimate a display like this) just head online and buy whatever you're normally into, I promise you won't be disappointed:  

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