Friday, August 14, 2015

Ocean City, NJ: Part Two

Welcome back!  Thanks for returning to read my final post on Ocean City, NJ's boardwalk.  And if this is your first time here, you jerk!  Where have you been?  Get caught up here.  So after checking out George's we walked down to Shriver's Salt Water Taffy and Fudge.
This is where having a "handler" is a good idea (aka my boyfriend Shawn who knows Ocean City).  Shriver's makes both fudge and taffy but the front of the store was so busy, with so many beautiful bricks of fudge to choose from, that it rendered me dazed and a little speechless.  

If you want fudge, this place is your JAM.  They had every flavor imaginable.  It was overwhelming/exciting to read them all.  I was in awe, like a wide-eyed, befuddled toddler.  Shawn had to guide me around and point things out.  "Look, this is where they make the taffy. Ok, get your camera out."  And then me: "Oooooo." (pic snapping) I didn't even realize what I was looking at until I uploaded the photos a day later.  We had made our way to the back of the store and Shawn was showing me where they make the taffy.  And look!  They had little taffy trees framing the windows:

Cute, right?  It was cool to watch them make the taffy right there in the store.  All that said, if you go to Shriver's you have to get some fudge.  They have SO many unique flavors that are hard to find elsewhere, it would be a shame to pass them up (even if you do feel a little overwhelmed while in the store).  Just know that you'll have to shove the crowd wait patiently to order.  

Ok so the last stop on the boardwalk tour was Fralinger's who had me right away because their store front looked like a castle:
Technically all of these boardwalk candy shops have fudge and taffy (salt water taffy was invented in Atlantic City, NJ) but the fudge selection at Shriver's was the best and the taffy flavors/presentation at Fralingers was the best.  A lot of eating has to do with presentation and flavor options.  Shriver's had that down for fudge and Fralinger's for taffy.  Fralinger's had long, prominently displayed, neatly organized rows of metal baskets filled with different flavors of taffy which makes you want to dive right in:

They also had a table full of chocolate covered taffy in flavors like banana, raspberry, vanilla and a few other flavors that go well with a coating of chocolate: 
All in all it was an awesome day of candy questing on the Ocean City boardwalk.  Shriver's, Fralinger's, and George's (in my last post) really give you that I'm-enjoying-my-summer-on-the-boardwalk beachy feeling.  If you make it to Ocean City this summer, be sure to hit up all three and taste my picks for yourself.  Post them on instagram and tag me @thecandyquestblog and if you can't make it to the boardwalk, order some for yourself here:

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