Monday, August 24, 2015

The best thing to cover in chocolate

I have hinted at this wonderful mashup in a past post but I think it's time to give the chocolate covered potato chip it's own coverage.  It's that good.
I first discovered chocolate covered potato chips about 15 years ago at Daffin's Candies in PA.  I loved them so much that when I moved to NY and started missing home, I called the Daffin's store to see if I could special order a box for them to ship since I didn't see them offered on the website.  I still remember the very friendly (and somewhat amused) woman on the phone who went the extra mile to send me a box with a little hand written note inside :).  Since then, I've noticed that more and more specialty chocolate shops are offering these amazing chips which is great news for anyone with a mouth.  Currently, I'm obsessed with the ones made in Butler, PA at Barkus Chocolates.  For my bday, my only request to my mom was for her to send me Barkus' chips.  She sent 4 (!) boxes and I already ate them all, thanks mom!  
stopping to take this photo was torture
Ok, so why so obsessed?  If you haven't had these then you're probably thinking "hmm, they sound like they should be good, but they also sound weird."  They're not weird, you need to taste them.  Chocolate covered potato chips basically take the whole salty/sweet chocolate covered pretzel idea to the next level.  If you like the smaller, thinner, chocolate covered pretzels then you will LOVE chocolate covered potato chips.  They eliminate the dry, middle part of a pretzel and get right to the point of what we're all really after: a salty, crispy, carb covered in sweet milk chocolate.   Most chocolate shops are using plain rippled potato chips which in my research is the best since it can hold up to a thick coating of chocolate without crumbling and it's one of the more salty potato chip varieties out there.  That said, it would be interesting to try a hearty, salty, Kettle chip covered in chocolate.  (It's amazing how I can babble on and on about a chocolate covered potato chip and then totally zone out during a work meeting.)  
a salty, little chip wrapped in milk chocolate

Sold yet?  Want to know where you can buy them?  If your local chocolatier doesn't sell these, don't worry.  There are other ways to get your hands on some.  After reading my post about Sarris, one of my friends asked me if I've ever tried their chocolate covered potato chips.  I haven't (yet!) but Sarris makes a fantastic chocolate covered pretzel so I would trust them with potato chips too.  I've also seen these at Trader Joe's but be warned, I find the TJ's chips to be a LITTLE stale so these should only be considered when you can't find them at a neighborhood chocolatier.  That said, they do work in a pinch.  I do not however, recommend the Lay's version you can find in CVS or grocery stores.  Don't waste your time or calories on these.  They are very underwhelming and will give you the wrong idea.  There's not a thick enough coating of chocolate and the chocolate is kinda chalky, not quality.  I even think the chips don't taste as fresh.  Not worth it at all.

If you're into DIY chocolate covering, I've seen some food bloggers post recipes about this "new" craze (welcome to the club, bloggers) and how to make your own at home.  I would recommend you use the best quality chocolate you can get your hands on though, if you do decide to go this route (ooo, and try them with Kettle chips, I'm curious!)

Finally, you could just do what I once did and call Daffin's or my latest fav Mueller's, and very nicely beg ask them to send you a box.  Just try and remember to pace yourself after you rip open the package.


  1. Yummm! Can't wait to try them!

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